Shepherdess with her flock Pamir Mountains, Tashkargan, China

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Marla Mossman greeted by the Children of Jark Village Central Afghanistan  

Marla Mossman
Founder / Executive Director

Avidly interested in promoting arts and education, Marla Mossman is an international filmmaker, photographer and artist. Since 1996 she has traveled extensively documenting the human condition.

Marla is the Founder and Director of the Peace Caravan Project that documents the places of historical and religious significance along ancient Silk Road and other trade routes.

Marla Mossman produced and directed short documentary films, in which she used her photography both in 2010 and 2014, making excursions to the Northern and Southern portions of the Chinese Silk Road and Uganda.

Mossman's most recent film is titled: KAWOMERA: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace was awarded the 2014 Best Documentary Short at the NY/LA International Film Festival and The Film Festival Peace, Inspiration and Equality (FFPIE) The International Outstanding Excellence Award. She traveled to Uganda to film and photograph the origins of the ancient trade routes at the source of the Nile River. While there, she documented an infer-faith community of coffee farmers and exporters living in peaceful co-existence.

Her first film is titled Peace Caravan: Journey Along the Silk Road Xinjiang Province, China, and addresses the disappearing culture of the Uyghur Population who reside in the remote regions of far western China.

In 2006 Mossman was awarded a fiscal sponsorship with the New York Foundation for the Arts and through NYFA: As a result, The Peace Caravan Project is operated as a non-profit organization.

In 2005 Marla Mossman traveled to Afghanistan to work with the Ministers from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education in Kabul and Bamiyan Province. She was the first foreigner and woman to visit Waras, a remote part of Central Afghanistan, traveling on horseback, donkey and mule.

Marla believes that there is a global need for openness and cultural exchange to help gain the mutual respect and cooperation necessary for World Peace. The Peace Caravan Project endeavors to inform and inspire others to achieve understanding, tolerance and acceptance. Through her journey traveling alone, Marla sets an example to the people that she meets on the road.

Through her photography exhibitions, lecures and multimedia presentations, books and documentary films, she generates her passion to her audiences here at home. Marla Mossman’s motto is; “Trust is the currency of the solo traveler.”

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Treasures of Discovery and Peace along the Silk Road by Robert M. Weir.
First published as a Profile of Peace for
Peace Partnership International.
Marla counters fear by reflecting peace and confidence in her inner self. “In the freefall of being alone in unfamiliar places and having difficulty with communications, my peace comes from being in the moment and trusting the basic goodness of people. When I walk the world, the freefall coalesces into the serendipitous. Grace coalesces. And, to me, every person I encounter is one hundred percent good.”

EPOCK TIMES Amelia Pang article: This Is New York: Marla Mossman, on Documenting Disappearing Cultures.

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